Digestive Problems Do Cause Insomnia

A new study of Mayo Clinic Proceedings digestive problems such as indigestion, bowel syndrome and heartburn do cause insomnia.

Santhi Swaroop Vege, MD, a professor of gastroenterology at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine in Rochester, Minn says that insomnia is associated with digestive problems behind other mild and serious causes.

Several studies made a link between digestive problems and insomnia, but could not understand the pattern. However insomnia can cause stomach upsets and stomach pain can cause insomnia.

In order to explore more the link between digestive problems and insomnia Vege and his colleagues mailed questionnaires to some selected residents of Minnesota County.

The questionnaires of the study also included other symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome such as constipation, diarrhea and bloating, gas. Other questions included non digestive problems such as depression, high blood pressure, asthma, fatigue, headache etc.

Result of the study

About 2,269 residents responded to the study.

  • The study found that out of 2,269 residents, 39% reported insomnia at least once a month and 6% reported severe insomnia.
  • 15% of the residents reported disturbed sleep due to stomach problems.
  • 15% s of the residents reported having irritable bowel syndrome.
  • 10% of the residents reported having digestive problems.
  • 13% of the residents reported frequent heartburn.

Considering the link between digestive problems and insomnia the study found a strongest association between insomnia and IBS.’>

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