What is Somniphobia?

Somniphobia is the fear of sleep, where the person is afraid of falling asleep. Somniphobia might reflect an underlying anxiety disorder or depressive disorder. Treating the underlying fear can help in treating somniphobia. Treatment options include counseling, meditation, and psychotherapy.

Somniphobia can be caused due to a variety of factors including a traumatic incident, pressure at work, fear of surroundings, fear of people etc. Environmental factors such as a dark room can also cause somniphobia. Symptoms of somniphobia include dry mouth, sweating, breathlessness, restlessness and confusion.

For most people, the fear of loss of control is triggers the fear of sleep. Some of them fear that they would be killed or never wake up after falling asleep. In all the cases, dealing with the underlying problem would be helpful. If the person feels lonely while sleeping, sleeping with someone would ease the fears.

The earlier somniphobia is treated, the better the result would be. Treatments include counseling, meditation, and psychotherapy. Although medications may be helpful, they may not completely solve the problem. In the initial stages, just speaking to friend can be extremely helpful.

A person suffering from somniphobia should have an assert himself/herself that everything would be alright while sleeping. If the person experiences fear of being alone, asking someone to sleep along would be helpful. Meditation or reading books which relax the mind can be helpful to fall sleep. Somniphobia can be a tough problem to deal with as it can result in insomnia and can affect your productivity at work. However, consulting a mental health professional or undertaking counseling can help in treating this problem

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