Estrogen and Insomnia

Insomnia affects women twice as often as men. It is said that virtually every woman will experience sleeplessness in her life. It can occur as inability to get to sleep or as the inability to maintain sleep. How are estrogen and insomnia related?

How does estrogen affect sleep?

Studies have been able to establish a link between estrogen and insomnia. Women who go through menopause are more likely to suffer from sleeplessness because of falling levels of estrogen. Hormonal fluctuations can hamper your ability to get to sleep by creating unbalances in the levels of hormones that are difficult for the body to cope with. Estrogen is a chemical which keeps you alert whereas progesterone makes you sleepy. If levels of estrogen are low you are less likely to be alert and consequently less likely to be able to relax enough to get to sleep.

Estrogen replacement therapy

A treatment option that can help sufferers of estrogen related sleeplessness is estrogen replacement therapy. It can be used with post menopausal women who have reduced levels of estrogen. In this treatment the patient is given supplements of estrogen in order to raise estrogen levels in the body. This results in improved ability to sleep. Therefore, you should check your estrogen levels to find out if your sleeplessness is caused by your hormones. A doctor can check your estrogen levels from your follicle stimulating hormone.

Fruits and vegetables

If you are suffering from menopausal sleeplessness then there are simple home remedies you can use. First is to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. They are rich in phytoestrogens which are a source of estrogen. Therefore, they can boost your estrogen levels and reduce insomnia. You can try eating carrots, apples, potatoes, sprouts, peas, oats and cherries.


Another way of getting better sleep is managing stress. This is because stress affects hormone levels including levels of estrogen and can cause a situation where sleeping will become troublesome.


Breastfeeding after pregnancy is also a cure for sleeplessness. This is because breastfeeding releases chemicals that encourage drowsiness.

Sleep diary

Other than these you can try normal methods for fighting sleeplessness such as creating a sleeping routine or making a sleep diary in order to explore if patterns can be found from you inability to sleep.

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