Low Blood Sugar Insomnia

The condition of suffering from low blood sugar levels is also referred to as hypoglycemia. This is related to insulin, which is the substance in the blood that regulates sugar levels. If you are suffering from hypoglycemia you may experience sleeplessness as a result. How does low blood sugar insomnia come about?


When you suffer from low blood sugar, your body will try to correct the level of sugar in your blood with the secretion of cortisol. This is a stress hormone. This means that when you are hypoglycemic, you are also stressed. When this happens during the night when you are trying to sleep, it can cause problems.


Most people today follow a diet of processed carbohydrates. This is not good for your insulin levels. They keep going up and down during the day and make it difficult for you to maintain a steady blood sugar level. When you are used to this kind of diet you are likely to have a poor glucose metabolism. Therefore, you might find it difficult to maintain sleep. This is because the cortisol in your body causes you to become alert. Therefore, you are unable to relax and this hinders your ability to get good sleep. You are then either sleeping very lightly, tossing and turning or not sleeping at all.

Reasons for low blood sugar

  • Processed foods
  • Sugar
  • Stress
  • Lack of exercise


The best way of maintaining steady blood glucose levels is to eat healthy. By not consuming processed foods, sugar and caffeine you are well on your way to better sleep. Try getting a balanced selection of fruit, vegetables and low fat foods. Try to avoid breads, pasta and sugar. If these remedies do not work go to your doctor to find out what are the best ways in your situation to treat your low blood sugar insomnia.

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