Accelerated Heart Rate Insomnia

Insomnia often comes about from lack relaxation. Sometimes this is because of you have an accelerated heart rate. If your heart is racing you cannot relax and get to sleep. What can be done about accelerated heart rate insomnia?

Fast heart rate causes

  • Caffeine
  • Anxiety
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Arrhythmia

Remedies for accelerated heart rate insomnia

Avoid coffee

Coffee is one of the worst substances to consume if you have insomnia or accelerated heart rate. When you ingest caffeine, your heart rate accelerates and perks you up. In this state it is impossible to fall asleep.

Sleep in a dark room

It is advisable to sleep in a dark room because this will tell your bodies natural sleep regulating facility that it is night time and time to sleep. It is also easier to relax while limiting stimulation through the eyes.

Relax and avoid stress

By relaxing your mind you will be able to get into a state where it is easier to sleep. If you keep thinking about events of the day your mind will be active and sleep will not come.

Do not eat sugar before bedtime

Eating sugar will give you a surge of energy when you should be unwinding. Also, a later fall in blood sugar levels will make it difficult to stay asleep because the body has to fight the hypoglycemia and you become more alert.


Instead of sugar you should eat something that contains tryptophan. It is an amino acid, which will help produce melatonin with the aid of serotonin. Therefore, you will get sleepy easier. Milk is one source of tryptophan.

These remedies should help with accelerated heart rate. If you can get your heart rate down better sleep should follow. If these methods do not help your accelerated heart rate insomnia, you should get help from a doctor in order explore medical alternatives to cure this condition.

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