Insomnia Headache Relief

What can be done with insomnia headaches? This article will discuss the ways in which insomnia causes headaches and how to treat the headache.

How insomnia headache occurs

Insomnia causes headache by depriving the person from relaxation. When a person is afflicted with insomnia their stress level raises. This can cause a condition, which is known as tension headache. This can be a very difficult condition because it manifests in accordance with insomnia, which is also difficult to treat. This means that you are left with two debilitating conditions that are both difficult to treat by themselves, and even more difficult when they appear together.

Sometimes these conditions are dependent of each other. Therefore, it is the insomnia that causes the headache or the headache that causes the insomnia by not allowing the person to fall asleep. It is important to know which one of these conditions is the beginning of the problem. Only by treating the original source of the condition, can one hope to defeat the problem

Excess sleep

It is not only lack of sleep that can cause problems. It is also possible for some people to sleep too much. This can cause headaches too. If a person takes naps during the day in order to relieve the headaches it might cause a situation in which he is not able to get to sleep during the night. This might make the subsequent headache worse.


Ingestion of caffeine can be linked to both insomnia and headaches. Therefore, if you drink too much coffee it might prevent you from falling asleep because of the caffeine or might trigger a headache because of its stimulating effects.


For sufferers of both headaches and insomnia it is advisable to pay attention to sleep patterns. Therefore, do not go to bed in the middle of the day just to relieve your headache. It is better to save the sleep until the night in order to get better rest and more of a chance to be able to avoid getting a headache the next day.

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