Olanzapine for Insomnia

Insomnia is one of the most common medical ailments affecting millions of people. Almost everyone suffers from insomnia in some part of their life. There are several medical options that can be used in order to get to sleep. These products have side effects that make them unsafe to be used in long term. There is a new drug however, which claims to provide healthy sleep without side effects. How does olanzapine work for insomnia?

Side effects of Using Drugs for treating Insomnia

Growing dependence on the drug
Grogginess the next day
Increased risk of accidents because of drowsiness
Difficulty in waking up

The treatment of insomnia with traditional medications has several side effects. Some of these include drowsiness the next day as well as an inability to get any sleep without the medications when you get dependent on it. Medications for sleeplessness are not to be used in long term because of the addictive qualities they possess. They also cause your sleep to be different from normal sleep. Therefore, you get sleep that is altered in some way by the medication. It has also been noted that in treating insomnia with drugs there is a fourfold increase in accidents. This is because of the grogginess these medications produce. Especially road accidents are a common occurrence if insomnia medications are used.

How is Olanzapine Different from Other Insomnia Drugs?

Olanzapine can be used to treat insomnia. This product is usually used in the treatment of schizophrenia. This is because it has antipsychotic properties. The drug has been utilized in insomnia treatment because it has fewer side effects than the drugs normally used for insomnia treatment. It has less properties that alter the sleep you get. Therefore, you sleep is normal even when under the influence of the medication.


The reason for insomnia with many people is anxiety. When one has troubling thought running through their head all night, it is difficult to get any sleep. This is why olanzapine can help. It provides the sufferer with relaxation by preventing anxiety forming thoughts. This is how the affected person is able to get better sleep.

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  1. I have been on 2.5mg of this drug now for 3 months and my sleep has improved 100%! The only side effect I noticed was muscle aches and slight weight gain. However the muscle aches have gone and the weight gain has stabilized. I am a daily runner so I didn’t worry about the weight gain. Although I have heard of some horror stories of some people gaining as much as 50lbs. in a couple of months! Please monitor your diet and most importantly get active!

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