Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Stress, anxiety and sleep disorders of a person can lead to the condition of sleep deprivation. This condition is also caused due to numerous health implications. About 20% of the road accidents in the United Stated are caused due to this condition. Sleeplessness may cause certain effects like irritation, dizziness, fatigue etc. Effects of sleep deprivation may occur in every person on a daily basis due to many reasons.

5 Common Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Sheer Exhaustion

A person suffering from this condition may experience tiredness all day long. This in turn may result in fatigue and lethargy at times affecting his/hers routine. He/she may feel drained out even to think of having a quick snack or snap.They may feel lazy to walk across the room and may always want to lie down without doing any kind or work or without straining themselves. This condition is considered as the common type of physical side effect that occurs either due to sleeplessness or sleep deprivation.

Impaired Coordination

A person suffering from sleep deprivation may not have proper coordination with his mind and body and this is the most dangerous side effect of this condition. This condition can lead to road accidents and poor work performance.

Blurred Vision

This is another common side effect that is caused due to sleep deprivation and person suffering from this may have difficulties in focusing on things. Lack of sleep over a period of time can cause haziness in your sight leasing to blurred vision.

General Discomfort

He/she may feel uncomfortable all the time even for very small issues. They feel uncomfortable and stuffy even in pyjamas. They may feel very uneasy and discomfort on a very comfortable bed as well further resulting in anxiety.

Health Problems

The condition of severe sleep deprivation may lead to numerous health complications. This condition weakens the immune system as the body of a person needs complete rest at nights in order to function properly. It may also cause infections that may attack different parts of the body.

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