Drooling in Your Sleep

Drooling is most commonly seen in infants during their sleep. However, this is also seen in adults, teenagers, and many older children causing embarrassment while they share the bed with others. People suffering from this condition usually wake up on a puddle of saliva on the pillow fallen from the mouth in their sleep and is definitely an unpleasant
experience. Many people do not take any kind of medical treatment for this condition. Drooling in your sleep can be treated completely by following a few appropriate measures regularly.


The following are a few reasons that are responsible for causing drooling in many people.

  • Sleeping with an open mouth is one of the major causes of drooling during sleep.
  • Respiratory sinus problem also plays an important role in causing this condition.
  • Excessive production of saliva can result in drooling in many people.
  • Other dental problems like gum or teeth infections, teething etc are also responsible for this condition.
  • Certain drugs or medication increase the production of saliva further resulting in drooling.
  • Anatomy of the mouth like large tongue, not closing the lips, enlarged tonsils, adenoids and crowded teeth also play an important role in causing drooling during sleep.


  • The very first step for treating this condition is to find the cause of drooling while sleeping.
  • Take medications to prevent yourself from sleeping with an open mouth.
  • Sleeping position can be changed in order to avoid drooling while you sleep.
  • Keep your head in an elevated position. It is recommended to sleep on your back as this prevents the saliva from flowing out of the mouth.
  • Make sure that you sleep with your mouth closed as this is the main cause of drooling.
  • Use nasal drops in order to avoid nasal congestion as this can also result in causing this condition.
  • Consult a doctor in order to find the cause for this condition and he/she may prescribe drugs or medications that treat the underlying cause for drooling.

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