Herbs For Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a medical condition where in you suffer from frequent bouts of breathing difficulties while asleep. This is a lethal condition as it causes a reduction in blood oxygen saturation.

Herbs for sleep apnea

are the best treatment methods and cause no side effects. The following article gives the list of

herbs for sleep apnea.

Herbs For Sleep Apnea

  • Chamomile –

    This is an important herb that acts as a sleep aid with no side effects. It can be taken in both powdered and tea forms.

  • Jasmine –

    Jasmine provides a calming effect and therefore promotes better sleep. This can be consumed in the form of tea.

  • Catnip –

    This is also one of the important herbs for sleep apnea that is known to treat sleep problems by its calming effect. It promotes sound sleep soon after consumption.

  • Passion Flower –

    This herb develops drowsiness as soon as consumed and this is what is actually needed for the people who suffer from sleep apnea.

  • California Poppy –

    This has got mild sedative properties and is therefore effective for treating sleep apnea. It can be consumed in a liquid form.

  • Valerian –

    This herb is an effective sleep aid that has the ability to improve the quality of sleep and even reduces the length of time to fall asleep.

  • San’o-shashin-to –

    This is a Chinese herb that has got the properties to treat sleep apnea. It reduces the gaps in breathing, number of apnea’s and also alleviates the effects of airway resistance during sleep.

  • Jamaica Dogwood –

    This is a very good remedy for treating insomnia condition which is caused by menstrual pain, pain or nervous tension. This eases pain and provides a calming effect.

  • Hops –

    This is also one of the effective herbs for sleep apnea which has got sleep-inducing and relaxing effects. It works good for insomnia associated with headaches, indigestion or restlessness.

The above mentioned herbs for sleep apnea are very beneficial in providing a good and sound sleep. If you are diagnosed with any other medical condition, see to it that you consult your physician before using them.

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  1. Sleep Apnea is _not_ insomnia.

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