How to Treat Insomnia During Pregnancy

Most of the women during their pregnancy suffer from insomnia. It can be due to factors like hormonal imbalances during pregnancy, mineral or vitamin deficiencies and emotional factors as well. Want to know how to treat insomnia during pregnancy? Read the following mentioned ways.

Insomnia during pregnancy is common and becomes a matter of concern for every woman. As the baby grows in the womb, there arises burden in the mother’s body that can lead to insomnia problems. By knowing how to treat insomnia during pregnancy, it can help a pregnant woman feel good during her pregnancy and to withstand all the strains put by the growing fetus.

The foremost step is to understand and realize the causes for insomnia during pregnancy. The factors that can cause insomnia include:

Growth period of the baby

How to Treat Insomnia During Pregnancy
This is the major cause why pregnant women suffer from insomnia. As the baby grows inside, the body of the woman becomes bigger and therefore it pushes all the organs and body apart. When the woman is carrying for the first time, it raises difficulty and she faces difficulty in sleeping.


This is another main factor for insomnia, not only in pregnant women, but also in others. During pregnancy, women can face insomnia problems due to excess built up stress. Concerns about various issues about money, infants health, how baby will respond and even simple issues can make the women undergo stress and sleeplessness.

Handling Insomnia During Pregnancy

The next step is to handle the insomnia during pregnancy. This depends on the factors that cause insomnia.

  • If growth period of the baby is the cause for insomnia – try simple things like sleeping on comfort clothes, using special pillows, just walking around for sometime and taking a nap while sitting. Women can do all the things that can make her comfortable and she should be sure enough that the baby is not hurt.
  • If stress is the cause for insomnia – start breathing slowly, sitting in a comfortable position and practicing relaxation exercises before bedtime can help. Relaxation exercises that can combat insomnia and provide good sleep need to be done.

These simple techniques work well to treat insomnia during pregnancy. Pregnant women should not take sleeping pills as they produce a negative impact on growing baby. For better advice, pregnant women should consult a physician.

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