Insomnia Acupressure

Insomnia is a disabling condition which can cause serious consequences if left untreated. Acupressure is the best alternative treatment for insomnia. The following article gives the overall description of insomnia acupressure, which is the method of treating insomnia condition stimulating the pressure points.

Acupressure For Insomnia

Insomnia Acupressure.
A specialized person can alone perform insomnia acupressure. A trained therapist will have a complete knowledge on all the pressure points necessary for this condition, the extent of pressure to be kept and the time needed to apply the pressure. Since insomnia happens as a result of root disharmony in the body, only an experienced therapist can give you better results. At times, you need to use your own finger to treat the insomnia during middle of the nights to get some rest.

There are many acupressure points that are beneficial to treat insomnia and thus providing relaxation to the mind and the body.

Insomnia Acupressure

  • Neiguan (Pericardium 6)

    This is known to be an inner gate, which is the primary pressure point for insomnia treatment. It is located in the middle of the forearm, about 3 fingers width from the wrist. It is very effective in relaxing the mind, unbinding the chest and calming the spirit.

  • Shenmen (Heart 7)

    This is known to be peaceful sleep, is a pressure point in the heart meridian. It is effective in treating insomnia related to disharmony of the heart. To locate the point, you need to draw an illusive line on the palm of the hand from the little finger to the wrist and stop over there. You will find a hollow area along the tendon which is the acupressure point.

  • Shimien

    This is an extra point known to to be very effective in treating insomnia. The point name is also called insomnia. To locate the point present on the bottom of the foot, draw an illusive line from lateral and medial ankle bones to the sole of your foot, where both the lines overlap in the midline of sole. The most tender point in this area is the pressure point.

  • Anmien

    This is also an extra point for treating insomnia, also known as peaceful insomnia. It is located at the base of the skull behind the ear. To locate the point in this region, look for the most tender spot. Massage the region slowly.

Insomnia acupressure

can be done on all these above points. Applying pressure on all these points can determine which points are sensitive and can provide effective results for you. Performing acupressure on these regions calms the heart and reduces the built up anxiety.

How insomnia acupressure is performed?

Before starting with the acupressure treatment, the therapist makes sure the patient is in a relaxation state and is comfortable at the room temperature. The patients need to take gentle and deep breaths, all through the treatment i.e before, during and after the treatment.

At the beginning, the therapist places gentle pressure on any one or two acupressure points with the help of fingers for about 1 – 3 minutes. If the same pressure is needed for the other point, the same procedure done for the first point is done on the next point. Both sides of the body can be used to perform acupressure.

If the pressure points feel to be very tender, it means that there is blockage of energy. With each acupressure session, this tenderness can be made less. It is best to perform insomnia acupressure regularly for best results.

Tips on Insomnia Acupressure

If insomnia is a cause of any health condition, then acupressure for that particular condition can be performed along with acupressure for insomnia. This will give the best results in healing insomnia. For instance, if insomnia is a result of back pain, then acupressure for back pain along with insomnia acupressure will be helpful in alleviating insomnia condition better.

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