Sleeping Pill Overdose Symptoms

Sleeping pills are effective only when used as directed. But, taking sleeping pills in excess can cause many side effects and even leads to death. The following article discusses about the sleeping pill overdose symptoms. You need to be careful while taking sleeping pills and should not take as many as you like without obeying the prescription. Otherwise the symptoms of sleeping pills overdose will be very dangerous.

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Nausea is the foremost symptom of sleeping pill overdose. The person experiences feelings of sickness and vomiting in severe cases. If nauseated feeling is experienced while taking pills, you need to drink excess fluids to get relieved from it. The physician may also prescribe anti-emetics to treat nausea.


Severe drowsiness is another symptom of sleeping pills overdose. In few cases, the drowsiness subsides within a few hours. But if you suffer from long term drowsiness, you should seek your physician’s help. While under the influence of sleeping pills, avoid driving, operating heavy machinery and making critical decisions.


Constipation too occurs when many sleeping pills are taken. If this is the problem, you need to take laxatives and stool softeners as they provide relief. Also ensure to drink excess fluids as they help in relieving from constipation.


Delirium characterized by memory problems, clouded thinking and hallucinations develops when sleeping pills are taken in excess. An immediate physician’s attention is needed in this case. In some cases, it can only be subsided on taking correct prescribed number of sleeping pills.

Seizures and Tremors

You will experience visual signs like seizures and tremors on sleeping pill overdose. The intensity of these symptoms depend on the quantity of sleeping pills taken. In severe cases, physician’s attention is required. An immediate medical attention can only help in treating the signs.

The above mentioned are the sleeping pill overdose symptoms that you commonly observe. Also find out what happens if Addicted to Sleeping Pills.

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