Top 16 Foods To Help You Sleep Better

Trouble falling asleep is a common sleep problem suffered by most of the people worldwide. In fact it is characterized as insomnia which is a difficulty in falling asleep and is known to affect nearly 1 out of 8 individuals in the United States. There are many factors behind this sleep problem, among which diet is also a major factor. There are foods to help you sleep better that can very well rule out the problem of insomnia in a person. There are even foods that cause difficulty in causing you fall asleep, for instance warm milk causes difficulty in you to fall asleep due to its fat/protein content. Thus, you need to be aware of foods to help you sleep better.

Here is the list of top 16 foods to help you sleep better. They help in providing a good night’s sleep when taken a few hours before going to bed.

    1. Popcorn

      This is the best food, also called secret sleep aid if no fat r oil is added to them. Plane popcorn taken a few hours before sleep helps in boosting up the serotonin levels and provides relaxation to the body. This makes you ready for a great night’s sleep.


    1. Jelly Beans

      These are a type of confectionery foods that cause burning of fats in the body and therefore releases serotonin chemical that aids sleep.


    1. Bananas

      They are the rich sources of melatonin compound which helps in providing good sleep to the body. For having a great taste, you can add some instant oatmeal into a bowl of sliced bananas and take it as a evening snack before bedtime.


    1. Bread

      Taking bread a few hours before the bedtime stimulates the body the body to release sleeping chemicals and helps you to sleep better. But, bread has got high glycemic index value. This is the index which measures the affect of the food on the blood sugar levels. So you need to be careful in its consumption as a slight extra intake of its serving causes weight gain.


    1. Yogurt and Mixed nuts

      Add two teaspoons of mixed nuts to one cup of plain yogurt and take this food at least 3 – 5 hours before sleep time. This is a ideal food that can greatly lower the stress levels and makes a person attain better sleep. If a time gap of of its consumption and sleep is less than 3 – 5 hours, you can experience just the opposite effects i.e it can keep you awake the whole night.

Yogurt and Mixed Nuts

    1. Pretzels

      Snacks like pretzels and similar ones such as corn chips, saltines and rice cakes act the same way as bread in making you fall asleep easier. The carbohydrate content in these snacks help in providing relief from stress and release sleep chemicals in the body.


    1. Sesame Seeds

      Sesame seeds in a way offer the same effect as turkey meat. They contain rich amounts of tryptophan, which is responsible for making serotonin chemical that induces sleep. But, compared to turkey, sesame seeds are more effective in inducing sleep because the fat content is more in turkey, which acts as a sleep deterrent. Sesame seeds do not have any fats or proteins and thus is a natural sleep aid.

Sesame Seeds

    1. Breakfast Cereals

      Breakfast cereals like Grape nuts or Golden Grahams if taken couple of hours before sleep time, help in releasing serotonin and some other sleep chemicals. Thus, they help in inducing better sleep. Do not eat any sugar filled cereals as they produce just the opposite effect.

Breakfast Cereals

    1. Wine

      Wine has got antioxidant properties and also effective to make the body get ready for a good night’s sleep. Consuming one glass of wine is good, but consuming more than one glass produces adverse effects on sleep. It provides relaxation to the blood vessels, relief from stress and slows down the heart rate – all together improves the sleep quality.


    1. French Fries

      This is also a good food to help you sleep better. But they should be eaten in moderation, because eating too many french fries leads to weight gain and therefore causes trouble in falling asleep. It is potato which is a natural sleep aid and the same holds for baked potatoes, mashed potatoes and other potato products. Do not add any ingredients or toppings on the potato snack as they produce some adverse effects on sleep.

French Fries

    1. Cherry Juice

      Cheery juice also provides the same effect as wine on the body system. Consuming a 4 ounce glass of cherry juice gives relaxation to the body and thus helps sleep better. Take unsweetened cherry juice at least one hour before the sleep time and it helps fall asleep easier and even improves the sleep quality as well.

Cherry Juice

    1. Rice

      Rice contains good amounts of carbohydrates which help the body in reducing the built up stress levels and therefore releases sleep chemicals in the body. Make sure to eat rice at least two hours before the sleep time.


    1. Red Bell Peppers

      Known to possess many health benefits, red bell peppers even contain more amounts of Vitamin C than any fruit or vegetable. Vitamin C lowers the cortisol secretion, which is usually released when the body undergoes stress and therefore leads to weight gain and difficulty in falling asleep. But, these red bell peppers just reverse these effects by lowering cortisol, thus improving the quality of the sleep.

Red Bell Peppers

    1. Graham Crackers

      Similar to vanilla wafers, Graham crackers are also high in glycemic index. This is the reason they release serotonin chemical and help to reduce stress levels. Munching on a few crackers before the bedtime effectively removes the stress in the body and helps you fall asleep easier.

Graham Crackers

    1. Honey

      Honey is also an effective sleep aid and works great when taken at least two hours before sleep time. Taking small doses stimulates the brain to cut down the orexin chemical production, which is a neurotransmitter linked to alertness.


    1. Watermelon

      Watermelon is also one of the top foods to help you sleep better. It can be taken 2 – 4 hours before sleep time. It has got high glycemic index and therefore stimulates the body to release serotonin chemical. It lowers the stress from the body and helps in inducing sleep faster.


These are the top 16 foods to help you sleep better. Hope this helps you to be aware of the foods to take for getting a good night’s sleep.

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