Shoulder Pain While Sleeping

Most of the people suffer from shoulder pain due to rotator cuff problems, strain or any other shoulder injuries. Along with it, they even experience joint pain, nerve pain or muscle pain. Shoulder pain while sleeping is especially problematic as it causes discomfort and even wakes up the person from sleep.

If you too are experiencing shoulder pain while sleeping, try doing the following technique. This is simple and moreover easy to perform to help you sleep with shoulder pain.

  • Arrange two pillows on top of one another at the head. They make the head raise high than the normal position and this serves to take away the pressure from your shoulder and neck while lying sideways. This can reduce the pain.
  • Place another pillow at a distance of 5 – 6 inches. The space in between the double layer pillows and single pillow creates a pocket which allows the shoulder and arm to relax comfortably. Therefore, this cannot create any pressure on nerves, joints and surrounding muscles, which can make shoulder pain worse.
  • Lie to the side with your ribcage supported by single pillow and the head and neck by double layer pillows. Just move your arm a bit forward until you feel your shoulder blade is on the bed rather than your shoulder.
  • Adjust the lower body part so that it accommodates within single pillow layer. You need to just move a little so that your ribcage is comfortable in its position.
  • But, most of the people who sleep to the side experience pressure within the rotator cuff and pinching nerves, which are the sole causes for shoulder pain.

Experiment the above technique using different sized cushions and know which one works better for you. Hope you will find this article helpful in dealing with shoulder pain while sleeping.

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  1. I sleep more on my stomach than on my side with one arm under my pillow. I have battled insomnia for years and have just recently started with the shoulder pain, clicking and grinding. The pain shoots down my arm and is worse on my left side (the main shoulder I sleep on). Have even started having pain throughout the day. Any suggestions for stomach sleepers?

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