Pressure Points for Sleep

Pressure points for sleep

is a part of the ancient Chinese practice of acupressure. Unlike acupuncture, where needles are used on the said pressure points, in acupressure, the pressure points are massaged with the fingers, elbows or hands. In fact, this

pressure points for sleep

technique can be implemented by oneself at home. All one has to do is study the pressure points from the points chart as described in acupressure and stimulate them so that they achieve as a good sleep.

Pressure Points for Sleep:

The Chinese believe that the force that heals life flows within our body, and it is enough to manipulate this force to deal with many problems among which sleep disorders are also one. Also, this technique comes with a very few side-effects, if not completely rid of them. Probably the reason, many hospitals in the US are also using this technique to sleep disorders.

Let us look a some of the pressure points that help deal with sleep problems.

Inner Gate

This point is located on the inner side and just below the point where the wrist develops a crease. Pressure can be applied on this point with a thumb, and massaging this point will help in gaining a restful sleep.

Spirit Gate

This point is also located on the wrist’s inner side and is aligned in line with the little finger. Use your index or thumb finger to massage this point. This technique helps those who think a lot.

Gushing Spring

This point is located on the foot sole, just under the point where the ball in the foot is located. Massage this point with your index finger or the with the end of a pencil that’s got an eraser attached to it.

Bladder 62

This point is located near the ankle bone. Massaging this point will help relieve stress and help people suffering from depression.

Gall Bladder 20

This point is located at the back of the neck and just at the skull’s base. Apply pressure at this point using the index finger until you experience some pain, and then start massaging in a circular fashion. This is helpful for treating insomnia.


pressure points for sleep

when massaged and stimulated properly, help relieve sleep problems.

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