The Insomnia Quiz – Find Out if You have Insomnia

America stands first in the number of people affected with insomnia (more than 30 percent of the population) followed by Germany and the UK. Many people mistake insomnia for sleeplessness but, it’s just not that. Having problems falling asleep and finding it difficult to stay asleep for long after falling asleep is what insomnia is. So, take this insomnia quiz and find out if you are suffering from the problem that seems to be on the rise not only in America but everywhere across the world.

Insomnia Quiz:

All you have to do in this quiz is to answer in yes/no to the questions given below and you will find out if you are an insomniac or not.

  • Do you have any trouble in falling asleep after retiring to your bed?
  • Does it take you more than half an hour to fall asleep?
  • After you eventually fall asleep, do you stay asleep for long or do you experience frequent wakenings?
  • When you wake up in the middle of the night, do you have a problem with going back to sleep again?
  • How many times do you wake up in a night (is it more than once)?
  • Are you happy about falling asleep at night?
  • Do you keep postponing the hour you sleep because you know that you can’t sleep at the normal hour like everybody else?
  • Do you make up for your lack of night sleep during the day? If so, are you active enough while performing your daily activities?
  • Even if you try to make up for your night sleep during the day, can you do so?
  • Can you not sleep despite you being exhausted and severely tired?
  • Do you wake up pretty early in the morning (before the usual hour)?
  • Do you have a trouble concentrating while performing your activities?
  • Do you need stimualants throughout the day to keep you awake?
  • Do you have to indulge into an activity (like reading or watching TV) to fall asleep?
  • Do you experience morning freshness once you are awake?
  • Do you have problems like frequent headaches or get irritated easily?

If you have answered yes to majority of the questions in the above insomnia quiz, consider that you are suffering from some or the other tye of insomnia (acute, transient or chronic). Consult a doctor immediately in such case, and discuss with him/her as to what can be done to improve your sleep pattern.

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