Staying Energetic Despite a Lack of Sleep

Doctors and sleep specialists do suggest that a minimum of 7 hours sleep, if not eight, is mandatory for everybody. But given today’s scenario, this is not practically possible. A lack of sleep can have several effects on one’s health, among which one is a lack of energy the following day. One thing to understand here is that, when we speak about not having enough sleep, it is not the quantity but the quality that we are talking about. So, despite sleeping for less than 7 hours, if one can manage a qualitative sleep, staying energetic is absolutely possible.

Sleeping Pattern

Before understanding how one can still stay energetic despite a lack of sleep in quantitative terms, let us understand our sleep pattern first. After we fall asleep, the first 1-2 hours are where we are in a deep sleep. It is during this deep sleep stage that damaged cells in the body are repaired, as the blood flow is increased. After this stage, we enter the rapid eye movement stage, during which we start dreaming. After staying in REM for a while, we again go into the deep sleep stage, and so on.

The first deep sleep and the REM stages are the longest in one’s sleep, and as the night progresses, the cycles begin to shorten.

How to Stay Energetic With Less Sleep Hours?

Now that we have understood our sleep pattern, let us see what steps we can follow to improve our sleep, in terms of quality.


Exposing ourself to morning sunlight is one of the best and cheapest ways of increasing the quality of our sleep. Taking in the sunlight for an hour at least, will help with the production of melatonin. Melatonin is the chemical that tells our body to sleep as it nightfall begins. Proper melatonin levels thus, automatically will improve our sleep quality.

Body Temperature

As night sets in, the temperature of our body begins to decrease thus, signaling the brain to put us to sleep. This is under normal circumstances. For people suffering from various sleep disorders like insomnia, it is necessary to raise the body temperature though. Exercising will help achieve this.

Dark Environment

There is an internal clock that runs in our body that tells the brain to fall asleep when it goes dark and wake up when there is light. So, the darker the room you are sleeping, the better your sleep quality.

Following the above tips will help you stay energetic despite the lack of sleep in quantitative terms.

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