How much to sleep?

There are many common questions as to how much to sleep. Are seven or eight hours of sleep enough? There are people who are able to manage with six hours of sleep a night. Seven to eight hours of sleep is the normal standard. This can define the normal standards for the people. According to some studies, less than six hours of sleep can be troublesome for your health. At the same time, you also cannot sleep for 19 hours a day. How much to sleep is a question which can always been a frequent subject of question.

There are many factors which influence on the amount of sleep you need in a day. Some young people sleep for about seven and a half hours on weekday. They sleep for eight and a half hours on weekends. The common standards suggest that eight house of sleep is sufficient. There are people who are referred to as short-sleepers and long-sleepers. These people need five and a half hours to about nine and a half hours of sleep.

How much to sleep depends of various factors:

These include your inherited genetic need. It also includes factors like sleep hygiene like the daily activities you control. It also depends a lot on your quality of your sleep. Some habits like smoking, drinking and exercise can have a serious impact on your sleep. Factors such as what you do in bed like watching TV or reading a book or talking on the phone. It also depends on how much exposure to light you have. You need to know if you feel and remain alert in the day after a good night’s sleep.

There was an experiment done to determine the amount of time required to sleep. Before the experiment started, the subject of experiment slept for about six and a half hours of sleep. On the first night of the sleep relating to experiment, he slept for eight hours and for the second night 10 hours. On the third night, he slept for 12 hours. This continued as the time of sleep increased everyday. After a few days, he reduced the number of hours of sleep. This fell to eight hours. After repeated experiments with all kinds of people and finding similar results, a conclusion was arrived at by saying that eight hours of sleep is required. So much to sleep was solved through this simple experiment. You have to take a look at your sleep bank account. If you have lost sleep for a couple of days, you have to catch up on that by sleeping for some extra hours.

If you are not getting the right amount of sleep, you can have serious impacts on your health.