Natural cure for insomnia

There is a natural cure for insomnia. If you can follow this, you can have a good night’s sleep. You need to maintain a diet. Women having insomnia have lower estrogen levels. So women tend to develop insomnia during menopause. Estrogen helps with the uptake of magnesium and transmits into the soft tissues. Magnesium is the main nutrient which relaxes muscles. Obviously, when estrogen levels are low, there are magnesium deficiencies. These conditions can lead to insomnia, heart palpitations and anxiety.

A low fat and a high fiber diet can be healthy, more so for women who are overweight. They are more prone for breast cancer. You sleep the best when you eat a moderately low carb diet with vegetables and meat soup. You can also eat a lot of leafy green vegetables.

You need to avoid caffeine. There are a lot of people who drink many cups of coffee in the morning. Depending on what you eat or drink, you can have an effect on your sleeping pattern. Some of the natural cure for insomnia includes having a warm glass of milk. You should also eat light at night. You can also avoid alcohol, caffeine and tobacco before going to sleep.

You also need to set the right mood for getting a good night’s sleep. You should make your bedroom as comfortable as possible. Once you do this, you will feel rejuvenated. You can invest your time and money in getting good pillows, sheets and a comfortable mattress. You should also make your bedtime as routine as possible. You should not oversleep in the morning. You need to ensure that your room is quiet, dark and has a comfortable temperature. It should not be too hot or too cold.
You can listen to some good poetry or soft music like Mozart. Do not watch television, work, read or talk on the phone in the bedroom.

You can take an aromatherapy bath before dumping all your tension and worries in the drain. You should make sure that the bathroom door is closed. It can keep the room warm and let the scents in. You can fill the tub with warm water. This can be sufficient enough to completely cover your body. After the tub is filled, you can add essential oil drop by drop into the water. You can immerse in water and soak for 20 minutes. You can enhance this with soft music and a few candles.

You can also try massaging your neck and shoulders. This can be done with soothing essential oils. You can also use plain massage oil. You can rub your neck and shoulders in small circular motions with the help of fingertips. Another best and most natural cure for insomnia is taking an evening walk. With the help of fresh air, you can feel refreshed and calm.